Advertising in Nigeria takes cell phone route seriously

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“Good advertising is based on trying to win the hearts and minds of the consumer and in order to do that you need to understand the local insights of the market in which you are operating and those local insights are what you convert into a selling proposition, which then makes the consumer want to engage in your brand,” Olowole told CNBC Africa on Thursday. 

Nigeria has the highest number of internet users in the continent at 45 million people.

Following closely behind is Egypt with 21.7 million users and Kenya with 10.6 million users.

 “Africa as a whole is very rich in insights and I think we need to convert a lot more of those into what we call advertising propositions and so that’s what we’ve tried to do,” added Olowole.

“The challenge is the fact that Nigerian advertising has veered more towards what’s happening on the other side of the Atlantic, so we try to be more Eurocentric in our approach to advertising rather than look at ourselves as Nigerians and find out how we can best communicate to ourselves.”

Nigeria’s online presence is however growing and could be a possible threat to traditional advertising. This has prompted advertisers to take a serious look at where they’re putting their advertising revenue and what mediums will have a wider reach.

As most of Nigerians access internet from their cell phone, the device is being looked at as one of the most pervasive forms of media and advertising distribution.

“Advertisers really need to look at how we can reach our consumers via cell phones as opposed to the internet. Eventually, I feel that everybody will begin to look at how we reach the consumer because there’s going to be so much convergence one day.”