Regulators at the core of mobile services solutions

There is substantial opportunity for mobile money services in Africa, but it must be driven by the right people.

Mechanising mines in South Africa a double-edged sword

Mechanising mines in South Africa has the potential to significantly increase production but could also lead to more labour sector unrest.

Mauritius to establish data centres across Africa in new ICT venture

Mauritian ICT company the Bhumishq Group will be designing, building and managing data centres across Africa between 2014 and 2020.

Infrastructure rollout in Africa’s ICT sector slow despite booming industry

The growth in Africa’s mobile sector is one of the major successes in the continent’s ICT space but infrastructure rollout is still slow.

Adoption of GM foods in Africa still slow

A number of African countries are still slow to adopt genetically modified (GM) food technology despite its rapid adoption internationally.

Sluggish regulation process continues to slow down Africa’s mobile internet connectivity

Africa’s mobile industry has proven to be profitable area of investment but needs regulatory frameworks to broaden internet connectivity.

AfDB approves 45 million dollar grant for the Pan Africa University

The African development Bank (AfDB) has approved a 45 million dollar grant to establish the Pan African University (PAU).