Mauritius to establish data centres across Africa in new ICT venture

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“As you know the African continent has witnessed a lot of ICT infrastructure development, mobile, telephony, connectivity, human resources development, and my company is coming to invest in the last leg, which is data centres. Being the last economic frontier, definitely all the global companies are looking at Africa today for ICT investments,” Bhumishq Group chairman Dhaneshwar Damry told CNBC Africa on Wednesday.

ICT has been an enabler of numerous industries in agribusiness, healthcare, education and government. ICT models are also changing, from global companies in the past usually selling software and technology to companies, to being able to share various technologies through cloud computing and the internet across continents.

“Data centres are the hot topic right now for Africa and it’s getting the right response from governments throughout Africa. It’s not only my observation; it is also the observation of players in the top technology area especially the data centre area,” Damry added.

The data centre venture will attract a number of foreign investors as well as the returning African diaspora to participate in its establishment on the continent.

The Mauritian data centre will be the master data centre, which will also function as a disaster recovery centre for the whole country.

The master data centre’s location will have a geographical advantage as the island already has a robust finance sector, which is a necessary link that will be used to promote the data centre.

Their strategy to link data centres in the continent to the master data centre will be through a hub system, where a region in East, West, central and Southern Africa will have a hub connected to the master data centre.

 “Mauritius has the most mature legislation in terms of data protection, has the relevant human capital at this stage so Mauritius was definitely the right choice for the master data centre for Africa,” said Damry.