Adapt IT prioritises expansion in Africa


[DATA ADI:ADAPT IT HOLDINGS LTD.]  has stated that we’re focusing on our growth into the rest of Africa and as part of our growth initiative, we’re seeing the energy sector as a growing sector, driven by population growth as well as the increasing requirement for fossil fuels,” Adapt IT chief executive Sbu Shabalala told CNBC Africa on Tuesday.

“The SAP business has a module called IS-Oil which is focused predominantly on oil and gas companies and this company is well-positioned in Africa to take advantage of IT services in that sector.”

Adapt IT announced that it would be purchasing business consultancy company, Aquilon, as well as 40 per cent of Fuelloc for up to 98 million rand.


“Aquilon is a specialist IT-consulting business in the energy sector that focuses predominantly in the oil and gas industry. The efficiencies and the technology that the company offers does lend itself to utilise both the oil and gas industries, especially the terminal automation software which is very important in the gas industry,” Shabalala explained.

Aquilon provides SAP services to six major oil companies and Shabalala emphasised their importance in such a specialised field.

“The Aquilon business has been in operation since 2006 and has over 70 consultants who have a long track record of providing ICT-specialised services within the oil and gas industry. This is not a generic service and it requires pure specialisation in that sector,” he said.

“We believe that this acquisition gives us the deep, vertical skills that are needed for us to make a difference, especially in ensuring that [with] the fuel losses that this industry is experiencing, we put sufficient controls as well as efficiencies in the supply chain.”