Automation likely to improve business


“The only reason companies would implement business process automation is to improve quantity and quality. The goal is to improve the size of the company, to improve its income, to generate more products and generate them quicker,” Framework One’s chief executive Alexander Mehlhorn told CNBC Africa.

Media reports have equated the rise of smart machines and increased automation to potential mass job losses.

Mehlhorn however, believes that mechanising a company and its workforce could be particularly beneficial in terms of up-scaling and educating staff.


“You expect people to upscale if they want to improve output, and quantity and quality that comes out of it. First of all, through education in terms of how to use the newly automated process and second of all, for up-scaling them to service machines and things that have been put in place,” he said.

“It would probably be the company that would be training the people that are in place on those processes but quite often, it could be outside sectors. If you look a number of years back, we didn’t have an IT industry as such – computers came along and suddenly you’ve got a whole new industry that needs to be trained and qualified.”

He added that automation is the biggest technology shift CEOs will face this decade and that it is definitely a sustainable process going forward.

“The idea is that you automate your process to the extent of what you can do today, and tomorrow you alter that process by innovating it further to what you can do then. It will grow continuously.”