The evolution of the gaming industry


“That’s what I love about the industry, you’re always pushing the boundaries. Games are becoming more realistic,” Graeme Selvan, public relations manager of Xbox South Africa told CNBC Africa.

He further explained that the latest gaming technology offers features such as voice control, live television as well as an advanced exercising console called Xbox Kinect.  

“The new generation Kinect is so sensitive that it can read your heart rate. Every joint on your body that you are able to use, it will track. If you’re doing an exercise routine, it will be able to tell if you are doing your push ups and jumping jacks properly,” said Selvan.


He added that this hybrid technology has transitioned into game playing as well.

“If you’re playing with a game controller, you can use hybrid technology so you can play with your hands, voice and body. You’re literally getting totally immersed into your game,” he added.

With gamers being able to interact mentally and physically in game playing, it seems t be a better option to television watching.

“When you watch TV, you become a couch potato but in games you get involved, you’re solving puzzles and you truly go on epic adventures,” explained Selvan.

These games also don’t only cater for hard core gamers but for the entire family to get involved.

In the South African market, Selvan added, the gaming industry is growing massively, which is evident in the increasing popularity of Rage, the annual South African gaming expo.

“If you look at the gaming industry in South Africa, you look at an event like Rage, which we have in Johannesburg once a year. It’s a gaming expo, they grew by about 33 per cent from last year and every year that number is getting bigger,” he added.

“Before, gaming wasn’t socially acceptable, whereas now everyone is playing games.”