NASA space challenge comes to Nigeria

by Trust Matsilele 0

The Space Apps Challenge (SAC) is a global event that promotes collaboration in space technology and innovation and promoted by NASA’s Open Data program.

The Open Data program is a White House Science and Technology Policy initiative.

“We really wanted to develop a space development and innovation programme because space is something that has built a lot of solutions for Africa like mobile phones and water filtration,” Oluseye Soyode-Johnson, project lead at Space Apps Challenge Lagos told CNBC Africa.

“These are technologies that are offshoots of space technology but do not seem apparent at the beginning.”

The SAC has been working with ministry of communication and technology helping to foster the introduction of new technologies to people who have never seen these things before.

The challenge exemplifies the principles of transparency, participation and collaboration by utilising openly available data, supplied through NASA missions and technology.

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The International SCA, a two-day hackathon also sees teams of technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students across the globe engaging with publicly available data to design innovative solutions for global challenges.

Information Technology Development Entrepreneurship Accelerator (iDEA) Centre, TinapaCalabar, emerged winner of International Space Apps Challenge in Nigeria.

Valentine Ubalua, an app developer at Clifact said the response for entrepreneurial funding for innovation driven initiatives was encouraging.  

“The ministry of communication and technology in partnership with iDEA created platforms to enable to contribute our own quota toward the development of our society and the world at large.”

According to the International Space Apps Challenge, the idea of a challenge is so compelling because it acknowledges the fact that the world is facing serious challenges – and that we all have to work together to approach them.

This year’s three-day event was held in 95 cities globally with the iDEA incubation Centre, Tinapa Knowledge City and iDea Incubation Centre, Lagos as venues in partnership with the Ministry of Communication Technology, iDEA Incubators, NASRDA, Mobile Monday Nigeria, Alpha Software, Microsoft and other development partners.