More adults log into Facebook bandwagon

by Trust Matsilele 0

This changing trend has seen young people globally migrating from Facebook to other social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Owethu Makhathini, junior digital strategist at ZASocial Media noted that social media was also making business easier as it was now easier to package message for a select audience.

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“The current trends allow service providers to speak to consumers where they are,” Makhathini told CNBC Africa.

“What is also important is finding out who they are and ensuring that one’s strategy speaks to the targeted demographic group,” she added.

Makhathini explained that there has been a shift with regards to youths that are engaging on Facebook.

“Facebook is starting to be a digital flee market. But the beauty of the social media is that one gets to decide as a person what kind of part of your personality you are putting out.”

“It is an unwritten rule that LinkedIn as it is for more connections, business and online networks with bias towards professional relations.”

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Makhathini added that the older demographic was engaging more on Facebook which tends to make youths leave social media platform as they do not want to engage with their parents.

“Twitter is real time, engaging and relevant as there are constant updates on what is happening globally,” she noted.

“Due to other social media apps one can easily decide on what appears on respective walls.”

According to studies conducted by the Pew Internet Project, the percentage of online adults who use social networking sites has steadily risen.

From September 2013, 73 per cent of all online adults were using social networking sites.

By January 2014, 19 per cent of adults online were using Twitter, 71 per cent of was using Facebook, 17 per cent were on Instagram, 21 per cent use Pinterest and 22 per cent are LinkedIn.