Google takes synergy to the next level at conference


“There are a lot of processes and announcements that were made. I think the largest one and most important for most consumers globally is going to be the new android operating system, Android L. It’s a movement away from the existing name convention that they’ve chosen, moving away from the desserts: we’ve had Kit Kat, gingerbread, now we’re moving on to Android L or Android 5.0,” Bradley Shaw, lead consultant at Africa Bumble Bee Consulting, told CNBC Africa.

Kit Kat, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich are some of the versions of the Android mobile operating system over the years.

Shaw added that from an enterprise perspective, especially in terms of security, the inclusion of Samsung’s KNOX software into the standard Android offerings is expected to be a precedent for a number of new smartphone apps.


Samsung’s KNOX product provides a suite of secure apps for the Android phone for both personal and business uses.

“Security issues are certainly known within the Android ecosystem, and KNOX is looking at firming up that security. KNOX is currently the only software that is available or has government security clearance from the department of defence in the United States,” Shaw added.

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Wearable device technology, such as Samsung Galaxy Gear watches and the Sony SmartWatch, has been the current craze in the technology community, which Shaw believes will continue to dominate the market for the next six to twelve months.

Interestingly, Google Glass was nowhere to be seen at this year’s conference, but the global search engine introduced Android Auto, an operating system designed specifically for cars.

As technology moves towards interactivity between existing gadgets, synergy of everyday technological devices has now, more than ever, been a crucial element for developers and users alike.

“Some of the developments on the Android wear operating system are that notifications from your smartphone will come through on to the watch, and they’re going to be glance able. If the watch vibrates or your smartphone vibrates and there’s a notification, you lift your arm to look at the watch and it’s going to display key information on [it],” said Shaw.

“Another key development is Android One, which is critical for emerging markets including most of Africa, where they’re looking at bringing the cost of smartphones running the new Android L software down to below the 100 dollar mark.”