Philips illuminates Castle of Good Hope

by Trust Matsilele 5 views0

Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, has unveiled a stunning lighting makeover of the historic and iconic Castle of Good Hope.

This was at the conclusion of its fifth consecutive pan-African Cairo to Cape Town roadshow.

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“Philips is very proud to have placed its know-how and technology at the service of this iconic monument,” said JJ van Dongen, senior vice president and CEO of Philips Africa, in a statement.

“For us the challenge was to devise effective lighting that would enhance the beauty of the site without at any time overwhelming it,” added Van Dongen.

Philips’ latest LED lighting technology has been utilised to create eye-catching, dynamic and colourful lighting effects that will bring the architectural monument to life, while allowing energy savings of 80 per cent over the traditional lights that are currently used in the castle.

The magnificent castle, which is in the foothills of the iconic Table Mountain, remains a major international tourist attraction, in addition to being an architectural masterpiece with a rich history and unique design.

“We are very delighted by the final results and hope that this enhanced lighting will improve the tourism value of the castle; in addition, we believe that this spectacular illumination of the Castle of Good Hope contributes hugely to Cape Town’s unique distinction as the World Design Capital of 2014,” Philips noted.

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Philips’ visual lighting concept will provide the building with an imposing look, with the world famous Table Mountain acting as a splendid backdrop behind the castle.

The light-emitting diode (LED) lighting provided at the Castle of Good Hope’s advantages include dynamic lighting that makes it possible to adjust the atmosphere of the site (change of intensity and color), a longer lifespan of the installation: around 50,000 hours compared to 12,000 hours with conventional lighting.

Philips says the LED lighting also assists reduction in maintenance costs as LED luminaires require little maintenance, while at the same time they cut energy consumption by 80 per cent.