SMEs should tidy up IT mess using cloud

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According to online backup provider, IronTree, one in five South African SMEs experience some form of data loss once a year, usually as a result of accidents, natural disasters, theft or computing devices.

Steve Cohen, managing director of Sage Pastel, said that SMEs would not only be able to neaten up their IT environments, but could also limit data losses and system outages by moving their applications into a cloud system.

“Many SMEs are uncomfortable about the idea of moving their data into the cloud because it means thinking about applications and information in a new way but using the cloud for accounting and other applications means keeping their information stored in a secure data centre where the professionals look after it,” he said.

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He explained that SMEs solely managing their data on computers and a hard drive is the most risky way to manage information as it’s vulnerable to fires, theft or loss. It’s also the easiest way for someone to illegally back up your data on a flash drive.

Also, with the increased use of devices such as smartphones and tablets, the risks of data theft has risen as each device is able to locally store data and becomes another vulnerable point for the business.

“An automated system that allows you to back your data up every day to a secure, remote location is the best way to safeguard your data and the easiest and most affordable way to get that is to use cloud-based solutions. It’s an easy way to tidy up the IT mess.”

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