Effective e-learning necessary to create impact in ICT


“The NEPAD Agency itself has created some programmes within the ICT sector. Many may be familiar with the NEPAD E-schools initiative which conducted a demo phase that unearthed the kinds of challenges that one needs to address in order to effectively have e-learning on the continent,” he said.

“It is only effective e-learning that will cause the kind of impact that we require on the continent. Nowadays in the African Union, there is talk about programmes and projects that cause impact. Everyone on the continent today is concerned about that impact that is going to change the continent.”

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Katiti, a policy and regulatory advisor at the NEPAD e-Africa Commission, also spoke on the power of the youth at the Impact Sourcing at Scale conference, currently taking place in Sandton in South Africa.

“Africa is well-endowed with the youth, and that is the future. ICT is the language of the youth,” he stated.

“I applaud the Rockefeller Foundation for Digital Jobs Africa and for mobilising employers to work with institutions that are training the youth so that we have synergetic collaboration that will cause the kind of impact that we require.”

The conference aims to bring together stakeholders in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Impact Sourcing sector to discuss the opportunities and challenges, as well solutions to those challenges, in the sector.

Katiti emphasised the impact made by institutions like NEPAD and the African Union (AU) and the need for these institutions to facilitate change in the impact sourcing space.

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“The African Union realises that [it] needs to go beyond peace keeping and security and begin working on development programmes that are going to integrate this continent, and what a continent it will be once we have an integrated population,” he explained.

“Our job [NEPAD] is to create environments to mobilise partnerships for such things to happen so we are glad that it is happening, and happening with the enabling power of the new technologies of the ICT sector.”