Educating Africa’s youth through impact sourcing


The initiative aims to influence 1 million lives on the continent by introducing Information Communication Technology (ICT) focused skills development to disadvantaged African youth. Thle initiative is currently focused on Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Rene Yoakum, general manager for consumer services customer service and support, Microsoft, says one of the main challenges in the impact sourcing is the digital divide between those who have access to technology and those who do not.

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Yoakum says impact sourcing has had a positive effect across the continent. In South Africa 100 people have been trained and educated in the last quarter. Forty-three of them have been placed into jobs.

“The project is exceeding its expected targets, and our estimate is that it will well exceed 100 trained and 100 placed into jobs.”

In Kenya the progress has seen 400 youths trained and of them 392 youth employees are now gaining adequate income to support basic needs such as household expenses.

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Yoakum, who has been with Microsoft for 17 years, says the company’s gains come from introducing and training young people in technology and seeing them flourish through various learnerships and internships.

“In supporting this initiative, we built a pipeline of technology savvy youth who can compete globally and have the skills to become employable. A workforce that we’ll be very eager to tap into,” she said