Vodacom introduces cashless system to m-pesa users

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Gemalto’s prepaid banking card will allow Vodacom m-pesa customers to pay for goods and services using a cashless system.

[DATA VOD:Vodacom Group LTD.] is the first mobile operator to initiate a large-scale rollout of an EMV banking card that is accepted at any of the 240,000 EMV payment terminals and over 27,000 ATMS throughout South Africa.

The international digital security company Gemalto will be responsible for the design, production, packaging and point-of-sales delivery of the card.

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The card will then link to pin-protected m-pesa accounts to give users the freedom to make payments for goods and services without the need to carry cash. The user’s credit will also remain safe if the card is lost or stolen.

 “Gemalto offered us the convenience of a fully packaged solution. By expanding our m-pesa mobile wallet offering with the banking card, we’ve been able to add an entirely new level of functionality which we think is critical to the success of m-pesa in South Africa,” said Herman Singh, managing executive of m-commerce at Vodacom.

Thierry Mesnard, senior vice president for Africa at Gemalto added, “This innovative deployment highlights just how quickly the worlds of banking, retail and mobile communications are changing. Positioned at the very heart of these converging trends and technologies, Gemalto is glad to offer its support to this endeavour aimed at offering greater convenience, security and social inclusion.”

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