Corporate Social responsibility adoption in Nigeria still slow


Interest in the adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigerian businesses and companies is growing but there has been slow progress in implementation of it, Thistle Praxis Consulting CEO Ini Onuk told CNBC Africa on Wednesday.

“I think that the good thing is there’s a growing awareness. We’re moving away from that seasonal giving and a deeper understanding that Corporate Social Responsibility is more an inclusion of social, environmental and economic implications for any business,” said Onuk.

There has been a changing awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria as not another costly obligation but as a means of contributing to the environment.


Nigeria’s oil sector in particular needs to adopt Corporate Social Responsibility policies because of it is heavily environmentally based. Large sums of money are being spent on Corporate Social Responsibility but the results don’t measure up to the spending.

“Corporate Social Responsibility is not something you do externally. It’s not about painting schools, giving libraries, it’s about how you do business, what you are inside as a business that you give out as Corporate Social Responsibility,” added Onuk.

There is a global push for companies and countries to adopt more environmentally friendly practices and local community participation but there is still resistance to the adoption of these aspects.

“There will come a time where organisations that don’t do CSR properly will not be one of those organisations that people want to deal with. So it’s still very difficult, getting organisations to understand that it’s beyond marketing and a PR campaign. We still have to do a lot of convincing,” added Onuk.