McBride Research Lab to launch hair care products in Nigeria


“In Nigeria, there is a tremendous amount of expansion going on with respect to the country and the population. We realised that this is a very large market, which is of course was one of the things that drove us here,” Cornell McBride, President of McBride Research Laboratories, told CNBC Africa on Tuesday.

The company has partnered up with business developers, Compass Consulting, in order to get McBride Research Laboratories products off the ground in Nigeria.

McBride has predicted that the Nigerian market should be experiencing double digit growth as the population size expands therefore it was the perfect location to launch McBride’s hair care brand.


With 40 years of experience in the African hair care industry as well as a unique approach to the marketplace, McBride believes that there is a lot of potential in Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa as a whole for his brand to become widely successful.

“We have a unique kind of approach to the marketplace, we tend to focus much more on salons even though we have a retail component but we want to try develop distribution through the salons’ professional hair stylists,” he explained.

In the United States, the company’s distribution network is primarily focused on salons and McBride believes that that formula will be successful in Nigeria as it has the potential to create jobs for the locals.

“We are here to create a network and a lot of entrepreneurs. I like developing entrepreneurs, people that work for themselves, so what we hope is to bring that same spirit here, just as we’ve done in America,” said McBride.

The company will therefore invest in training and educating distributors so that they are well equipped when selling the brand.

“As our main model is through salons, we need to bring people in, train them and educate them about the products in order for them to be able to go out and sell those products,” he explained.

McBride also announced plans to establish a manufacturing division in Nigeria once their brand has taken off.