Plane carrying 27 passengers crashes in Lagos


The EMBRA plane 120 reportedly crashed at 9.20 am, on its way to Akure, the capital of Ondo Sate, from the local wing at the Lagos Muritala Mohammed airport.

The former governor died suddenly on the 13 September and was being flown to the State’s capital for his final burial ceremonies.

The 30-seat plane, owned by Associated Airlines was carrying 27 passengers and crashed into the compound of a private firm, this morning.


Witnesses have said the plane crashed near JET-A1, where plane fuel is stored and exploded mid-air before coming down.

At the time we published this story authorities had claimed that at least five people were feared dead.

According to the aviation ministry spokesman, Joe Obi, there were survivors from the aircraft that included seven crew members and 20 passengers.

The airline is expected to release the names of all the passengers onboard shortly, however, nothing has been confirmed as it is still a developing story.