Lagos plane crash kills 16


“This is a very sober moment but for the respect I have for your station, I think it’s too early to talk about it, as we’ve lost distinguished Nigerians,” President of the Aviation Round Table, Captain Dele Ore told CNBC Africa.

According to the Airports Authority general manager Yakubu Dati, the plane was an Embraer 120, a Brazilian make. The Associated Airlines plane was flying from Nigeria’s commercial capital to Akure, a south-western town about 140 miles (about 225km) away.

“Each time we have an accident, we want to look at it and say let’s get to the root of it and learn from it but we don’t seem to be learning from our past, I’ll say, disaster. And so, this is rather very unfortunate,” said Ore.


In June last year, 163 people died when a Dana Air plane crashed into a Lagos apartment block in the country’s worst airline disaster in two decades. This plane crash happened just 15 months later.

“You asked about the last 15 months, I’ll want to narrow it because I believe that once you start having the decline in a system, accidents don’t just happen overnight, it takes a chain of events and the final straw when that decline has happened is definitely an accident,” he said

“You will recall that we had a dynamic director general in the industry and for no reason, we eased him out of office and I don’t mix words by saying that if we immediately had a substantive person to take over the next day, things will just work without decline,” Ore said.