Importance of customer service in Nigeria


“As far as the level of customer service that is available in the country as of now, is that more and more competition [that] comes in, customer service will improve. Customer service is really driven by the customer,” Vishal Kapur, CEO, Devyani international KFC franchise for Nigeria, told CNBC Africa.

Although customer service in the country is still quite poor, Kapur believes that when the market has enough competitors, the situation will improve.

“It’s very important for businesses to realise that if they don’t sell to the customers, there is another player out there who will,” he said.


When industries lack competition, the customer is forced to accept what is available thus as competition is still growing in the country, service can’t be driven effectively. Kapur however, does not think it is a cultural issue.

“With my understanding of the Nigerian culture, people are very hospitable. This is a country where a stranger could walk up to you and ask you, how is your family, so you know definitely, it’s not really a cultural thing, I think the important thing is how it’s driven” he explained.

The right equipment, training the staff, having strategies and policies to ensure they are driven to deliver those customer experiences and rewarding success are some ways in which the problem of poor customer service in the country can be dealt with. 

“The basic needs of the customers are forefront, the service comes later on. As far as availability for customer service is concerned, that’s going to be generated. Individual companies like ours, have got to take the mentors on us to make sure that customer service is great. So I don’t think poor customer service is a factor for companies to enter into the market,” said Kapur.

He concluded that the Nigerian government can also help as vocational and technical colleges throughout the country can get better.