Do Nigerians really live on a dollar a day?


“We found basically, that about two in 10 Nigerians, that is 19 per cent to be precise, live on less than one dollar a day while about 81 per cent of Nigerians live above the one dollar mark,” Bell Ihua, Director of Research at NOIPolls told CNBC Africa.

The assertion that Nigerians live on less than a dollar a day has no doubt been an issue both internationally and locally. However, Ihua believes that this threshold has perpetuated itself since the 1980’s and various organisations have been trying to redefine this.

“The African Development Bank now uses 1.25 dollars so you find that there are different organisations trying to change it but this is something that has come down from the 1980’s so it’ll take quite a while to change that perception.”


According to Ihua this study needs to have a different measure, which needs time and look into this measure that has been perpetuated for a long time.

“Given that these current figures only focus on daily food estimates, and not shelter, clothing or transportation, we therefore submit that a lot more Nigerians live above a dollar; and the call for further investigation and, perhaps, a review of the dollar-a-day poverty threshold,” he explained.