Sustainable leadership is not just an African problem


Chief Gbenga Oyebode (MFR) the chairman of the institution said that the event, which was held in Lagos, was Access bank’s commitment to creating the enabler for responsible leadership in the society.

“First of all, I believe every leader needs to create within the team that he or she is working with a vision and that was really important for London. Our vision was very clear, it was unambiguous, and we used the games to inspire young people to take up sports” Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the 2012 London Olympics Organizing Committee.

Issues such as sustainable leadership were discussed as well as what good leadership is. Similarly, it was acknowledged that to achieve this, there is a need for the complex interdependency between individuals, business markets, society and the eco system with a goal to create long term commercial success and social value while protecting the environment.


“This is not just an African issue, this is an issue about leadership across the world. Leaders wherever they live have got to understand that particularly around young people there’s quite a gap of trust. Young people see the world very differently, it’s very obvious to see but they do,” he explained.

Nonetheless, Coe believes that sustainable leadership is not just a problem for the African continent but for the whole world as the crisis in 2007 and 2008 created a huge mistrust amongst young people globally.

“It doesn’t really matter where the leader lives, I think the key requisite of leadership is being able to listen. And then engage but you can only engage and you can only take a decision when you have only listened both to the teams around you and you want teams that are not afraid to challenge you occasionally and to challenge the landscape,”

“Fundamentally, I lean very heavily on Abraham Lincoln who said very famously that, without public sentiment, nothing can succeed and with it everything will succeed,” he added.

While some believe that leaders are born and others argue that they are made, Coe is certain that leadership is about experience more than either as a lot of leadership principles are transferable from environment to environment.