Lagos hosts Africa's social media week

The event which is in its second year attracts some of the continent’s most forward thinkers, brands, learners and creators to explore a wide range of topics including education, business, entertainment, art banking and politics.

“There are some conversations that are going on on social media. Conversations that have to do with governance, that have to do with policy planning, that have to do with products. What we want to do, is to have data that makes those conversations really rich,” Oge Modie, CEO NOI Polls told CNBC Africa.

Using the theme, ‘connecting Africa through data on social media’, NOI Polls will be sharing some of its ideas on the use of polling data to support policy planning.

“We are doing approval ratings for the president, his approval ratings were forty in December, 61 per cent in January, what happened? An anti-gay law was passed,” said Modie.

According to her, the data enables people to make informed conversations on social media such as twitter or facebook, and NOI Polls aims to enrich those conversations as they happen.

“It is exciting that people are getting into this conversation, some are questioning the data, some are saying, fantastic, this is rich data, and we need this sort of [input] to enrich our conversations to have very good debates and not just speak with very generic information,” she said.

Nonetheless, as the polls only survey about 20,000 people out of Nigeria’s 160 million population, there are some doubts about the external validity of the data.

“Internationally, you poll a 1,000, that’s the sample size with an error margin of about three per cent with 95 per cent confidence. Our technical partners are Gallup and they are the leaders in polling in the world,” she added.