Rwanda makes impressive rebound


According to research by consulting firm A.T Kearney, Rwanda and Nigeria are Africa’s most promising markets for global retailers. According to the World Bank Doing Business Index, Rwanda is the third easiest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa to do business in.

Nonetheless, in 1994 the country experienced a genocide that could have destroyed it completely.

“Nobody is born a killer, the conflict always has somewhere it comes from. In the case of Rwanda, it was first of all manipulation by politicians coming from the very background of colonialists,” Joseph Habineza, Rwandan High Commissioner to Nigeria told CNBC Africa.


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The country which experienced massacres that killed an estimated one million people and left its people rooted in poverty has since then rebounded and Habineza is confident that terrorism most often than not, has political interests behind it.

“The colonialists left a legacy and the politicians just used it to segregate, to deprecate some Rwandans of their basic rights starting with life,” he said.

The northern part of Nigeria continues to experience gross terrorism as the Boko Haram insurgency since 2009 is yet to have been curbed despite numerous attempts by the Nigerian government.

“Comparing it to the north of Nigeria, first of all, I am sure that there are politics behind it because when somebody goes into the market or the church to throw bombs, at your own population, it’s nonsense. Terrorism cannot achieve anything.”

Security remains one of the topics of discussions at the on-going Sovereign National conference in Nigeria and the country has developed several strategies to tackle the terrorist group.

“First of all, people must come together and talk out about whatever grievances they have, say what they don’t have and the petitions must be careful because I’m sure some are behind this. I always say, I don’t understand why Nigerians should fight over religion. Either Christianity or Islam because none of them are Nigerian inventions. They were imported, so why are you fighting for it?” he asked.

In conclusion, the Ambassador urged the Nigerian youth to desist from being used by politicians as terrorism can only produce disaster and it can’t settle any battle.

“My message to the youth, is that they are being manipulated because those politicians wherever they are, when they meet, they laugh, they drink champagne, all of them drive big cars but a young man without anything risks his life,” he added.