More than 50 feared dead after a blast in Abuja


An eye witness has told CNBC Africa that more than 50 people are feared dead after a bomb blast at the Nyanya bus terminus at Elrufai Park about 30 minutes from the federal capital.

“At about 6:45 in the morning there was a reported bomb blast. Over 200 bodies are actually being brought out of the site with some dead and others alive,” CNBC Africa reporter Ummu Ibrahim said.

Nyanya terminus is a combined motor park for people travelling in the city and outside the city.


Although not yet confirmed, it appears that the number of casualties could be way more than the 50 figure currently being reported.

“At the moment no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. This comes after an explosion that happened at the UN headquarters sometime back but we cannot confirm that the same people who bombed at the UN are the same people who bombed at Nyanya,” she added.

In 2011 there was a suicidal car bomb at the United Nations headquarters in Abuja that claimed about 18 lives.

The ceaseless attacks in Nigeria pose threats to the newly acquired status of the West African country as the biggest economy in the continent.

Fear has gripped the city as it cannot be ascertained if this was not the only bomb set to go off in the vicinity of the federal capital.

“Even with tight security we have in Abuja people are still not comfortable in Abuja,” added Ibrahim.