Nigeria needs to attack terrorism


Nigeria’s security challenges seem to have gotten worse over the years and with people being killed every day, many Nigerians believe it is at its worst.

President Goodluck Jonathan visited the scene of the bomb blast in Abuja yesterday and assured citizens that while the history of Boko Haram is very ugly, the issue is temporary and that Nigeria will get over it.

“What went through my mind was, oh my God, not again. This has been going on. Yesterday and a couple of days ago in Borno, here again in Abuja, who knows where it will be tomorrow,” Chris Moghalu, CEO BTK Secutirties and Ex US military intelligence officer told CNBC Africa.


Nonetheless, the President’s words didn’t bring much relief as innocent citizens continue to be killed in dastardly acts of terrorism. More than 1,500 lives have been lost this year in attacks by terror group Boko Haram and nearly all of the attacks were in the Northern part of the country.  

“I think we are getting numb to it as citizens because we feel that the federal government is not doing anything and even if they are doing something, it’s not enough and not effective. That’s how we feel as citizens,” he explained.

“We don’t get the fact that every day, the federal government comes out and says they have the upper hand on this and every day, it keeps happening and repeating itself over and over again,”

According to Moghalu, the first thing that needs to be done is a security awareness program for the public that is effective and the government needs to continue to bombard the public on security awareness. He believes that the country needs to set up emergency responders.

“We need people to understand that if they see something that doesn’t look right, they need to make a phone call immediately. We need the public in this fight but the public is not going to be on your side when they feel you are also the enemy in terms of the federal government or the security people,” he added.