Nigerian police set to combat terrorism


The attack that took the lives of 71 people and left 124 seriously injured, shook the country’s capital as the reality of the gross insecurity in the country hit Nigerian citizens.

“Well it’s really an unfortunate incident that happened, for now, what is clear is that it’s a case of a suspected bomb explosion and investigation is currently on going,” Frank Mba, Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Police Force told CNBC Africa.

Nevertheless, the Nigerian police force have assured the people that they have the upper hand in the situation and they are doing their best to get to the bottom of this problem.


“The scene is already secured by the police supported by the Nigerian military, the civil defence, the department of state security and other law enforcement agencies. We are all working together to actually handle this situation and handle it effectively,” he explained.

According to him, the head of the Nigerian police force has directed the line of investigations, and commanded increased surveillance in and around Abuja,”

“We are raising the security around Abuja and keeping alert, undercover officers have gone out, and we are paying very close attention to other motor parks and other vulnerable points within and around the city,” he said.

The World Economic Forum on Africa with the theme, Forging Inclusive Growth Creating Jobs has been scheduled for the 7th-9th May in the country’s capital and while the news of the bomb blast may have caused worry, many believe this won’t deter the world leaders from gathering next month.

“Security challenge is a worldwide phenomenon and I think as bad as it is, this will not scare our visitors, neither will it scare our investors. Even the best democracies in the world have had security incidents at one time or another.”

In conclusion, the Nigerian police force believe that this will strengthen the country and renew the resolve to battle the terrorism menace in the country.

“Nigeria will forge ahead, we will come out of this situation stronger and better, we will come out of this situation as even a more untied Nation,” he added.