Nigeria's Super Eagles travel to the World Cup with ease


“This is the first time that a Nigerian company is doing this so obviously, you have some issues about how it will work and if it will actually work but we’ve been able to pull it off,” Obinna Ekezie, CEO of told CNBC Africa.

The online travel agent is authoritatively licensed to arrange travel, accommodation and other logistics for the Super Eagles, their families, Nigerian Football Federation officials and supporters of the national team to go to Brazil for the Fifa World Cup matches.  

The Super Eagles are Nigeria’s national soccer team, which is participating in the World Cup. 


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“The partnership started late last year, so we’ve been putting up packages on our website,” he said.

“The packages include five nice packages to watch the Nigeria – Argentina match and 12 packages to watch all the pre-group stage matches and the first charter flight left on Saturday so most of the groups are now in Brazil watching the Super Eagles,” he said.

According to Ekezie, it is well received as most of the flights are almost full amidst speculations of how it will operate and traffic has been quite good.

Ekezie believes that stands out from other companies offering Nigerians trips to Brazil because they are going directly to Brazil and other flights usually have to go through Europe, South Africa or the Middle East.

“The plane has the capacity to take about 300 passengers and right now, we have about 250 passengers on each flight so it’s almost full,” he added.