Containing the Ebola virus


“Our culture and our settings will ensure the spread of the Ebola virus. People need to be sensitised about the spread of the virus and how deadly it is,” Dr Emmanuel Nwabuokwu a Consultant Family Physician at Reddington Hospital told CNBC Africa.

Dr. Jide Idris, Commissioner for Health in Lagos state has said precautionary measures have become necessary with a view to preventing the outbreak of the disease in the state.

Nwabuokwu explained that the Ebola virus is a communicable disease, “These diseases are infectious agents that are transmitted from a reservoir to a successful host via an intermediate host which could be animate or inanimate.”


He urther added that, “Although the reservoir is not quite known, it’s been found in intermediate hosts like chimpanzees, antelopes, monkeys and porcupines and when you consume raw meat of these animals.”

The World Health Organisationrecently stated that standard precautions were meant to reduce the risk of transmission of blood-borne and other pathogens. This is as a result of fears and speculations about bats and other animals capable of serving as intermediate hosts.

“For precautionary measures, we should be conscious about our environment, for those of us who have pets, we should not handle our pets when they are sick, we should take them promptly to the vetenary doctors who will look after them,” he advised.

“For those of us who are very good lovers of bush meat if I may use that term, yes we should ensure that these meats are properly cooked or do not eat meat that you are not sure of the source.”