Acquiring vocational skills in Nigeria's job market


Many vocational skill training programmes are taking place in Nigeria to empower people to obtain abilities which will help them earn a living. The Lagos state government celebrated Enterprise Day by focusing on vocational and technical skills development.

“It is tremendous when I think about my own background, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I didn’t understand the term back then. I use to say I wanted to be in business and that’s what led me to where I am. I have been able to develop products and distribute them all over the world,” Founder McBride Research Laboratories, Cornell McBride told CNBC Africa.

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“We talk about enabling people to earn a living for themselves. A hair stylist for instance in America is one of the main aspects of small business and a lot of those hair stylists have been the bread winners for their family. So in giving people the skills to become entrepreneurs they can achieve the same thing.”

According to McBride, they don’t just talk about people acquiring skills and train them; there are also other aspects that the programme focuses on.

“We have more than one aspect of it as well. Talking about the hair stylist is one part, the second part is how you service the hair stylist and we hope to do that with a category of distributors who will be servicing those people.”

Making sure products are available for this is also important for those acquiring skills especially in beauty products for hair stylist. This product is part of the things the company provides.

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“We will be providing products, we are one of the leading product companies in Nigeria especially when it comes to the hair salon level. I have been in business now for more than 40 years and my background was pharmacy that’s where I started. We will be bringing some of those skills here and product development as well,” he explained.