E-visa to increase tourism in Nigeria


The introduction of e-Visas or electronic Visa has helped the Visa process become a lot easier even though it is not yet available in all countries that is making use of it. Visa processing can also be expensive and timely for those applying which can also be a missed opportunity for the local service economy and trade.

“The best way to simplify a process is to do it electronically, it makes the flow of transaction [Visa processing] easier for people coming into Nigeria. It will help investment and tourism for us [Wakanow.com] as a travel company. It’s now for us to make sure we develop local travel products tailored for tourists. They always say there is no tourism destination in Nigeria but its more about the tourism product in Nigeria not being developed by local travel companies,” CEO Wakanow.com, Obinna Ekezie told CNBC Africa.

“For travellers the process of acquiring Visas is a [tiring] process and the countries that have been able to simplify the Visa processing for Nigerians sees more travellers for example from Dubai. You apply through your agents or online and you are able to get your Visa within two to three days. They have seen a tremendous growth in there tourism sector.”


Nigeria is adopting the process of the e-Visa, according to Obinna this will increase the amount of tourists coming into the country and will also make travel products available in Nigeria. The process will only require the use of technology for proper security checks.

“With Nigeria adopting this model, it will make it a lot easier for people to come into Nigeria and I think with technology you can do the various security checks. The process being electronic will defiantly increase the number of people coming in.”

Wakanow.com has launched travel package for Visa free destinations which include Gambia, Kenya, Mozambique, Ghana and Senegal.

“We are looking to push most African destinations,” he added.