Nollywood turns to TV in fight against piracy


Over the years, the sector has developed and produces thousands of home videos and films per annum.

“[TV] actually was a big thing in Nigeria before the advent of the movies and when that came, it took away the shine because it was cheaper to make when VHS came. But over time people have gotten to know that you don’t get to make so much money making movies in Nigeria because of piracy,” Jide Alabi, Nollywood actor told CNBC Africa.

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“Virtually all you do goes into the wrong hands. You can do all the work and you don’t make anything out of it. The actors at the end of the day get to suffer more because the producers will then bring less money to produce, sponsors will go away and then they pay actors peanuts and the large chunk of what comes out of the movie goes to the pirates.”

Unfortunately, the industry suffers from possessing many inexperienced actors therefore, artists sharpen their trade on set while only a few study the art.

According to Alabi there are two classes of actors.

“We have some that actually studied acting in the mode of theatre, mass communication and the likes. We also have some people who grew up with passion either having it as a lesser course or with no experience at all, it’s inborn. Majority of the actors in Nigeria are natural actors, they learn in the course of doing the job.”

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Going forward more development is seen in the industry as many people are going back to the small screen where piracy will not be achieved.

“According to records we have been seen to be the third largest industry in the world in terms of movies, if we do it right. We still talk about The old village headmaster till today and those soap operas of yesterday.  People are getting back to them because of the piracy problem in the industry. That truly is where our strength lays. If it is on screen, it will be difficult for anyone to pirate it. Even the local screens right now are going into the small screen because it is your property.”