Could 'Half of a Yellow Sun' up Nollywood's film standards?


The movie, Half of a Yellow Sun is a one of a kind Nigerian film cost a lot for production. It can be seen as a tool to set the precedent for the future of the country’s flick industry. According to business magazine, Ventures Africa, Nollywood knocks out 2,000 titles a year and is the third-largest earner within the movie world, after Bollywood and Hollywood. Half of a Yellow Sun had a budget of about eight million dollars, which is the largest in Nollywood history.

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“I am hoping that Half of a Yellow Sun will set a model for what is possible with the desires of Nigerian film makers to make bigger budgets, larger production skills, and larger value productions,”Yewande Sadiku Executive producer of Half of a Yellow Sun told CNBC Africa.


“There is still a lot of formal structure that needs to be developed to allow the industry to reach its full potential. Distribution is very much still fledging, there are about 15 cinemas across Nigeria that serve 170 million people.”

The Nigerian movie market requires diversity, the movie industry has to in a way meet up to the demands of this population.

“Nigeria is a large country of about 170 million people with diverse tastes, disposable income, dreams and aspirations. So the bulk of the films made in Nigeria are actually made to meet the demands of the population.”

Even with the sometimes low quality and low budget movies the Nigerian people still watch and enjoy these movies and even demand for more films to be produced.

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“The Nigerian consumers will watch the movies anyway. But it is also clear that Nigeria and Nigerian producers also demand a different kind of movie and we have seen improving standards and production value even in ‘Nigerian only’ productions. So there have been a lot of improvements in the sector.”