Ebola outbreak hurts Nigeria's hospitality industry


The virus is not only affecting the health sector in affected areas but the hospitality industry is said to be impacted by it too, especially in Nigeria where the hotels and restaurants are said to have been affected.

“Our heart goes out to the victim of this tragedy. The [hospitality] industry has already been affected. Not just because of the Port Harcourt tragedy but since about the beginning of August, the hotels and restaurants are suffering,” Trevor Ward, managing director at W Hospitality Group told CNBC Africa.

“We have measured the impact on the hotel sector and it looks like demand for the hotel rooms are down by about 25 to 30 per cent in Nigeria and more specifically in Lagos.”


Regarding whether or not the outbreak would affect investors, Ward said he did not think it would as investors tend to look more at the long term.

“Ebola is upfront and personal. We hope and pray that the Ebola virus outbreak is a short term event.”