Nigerian military optimistic it will win the war against insurgency


However, the country’s Army remains optimistic it will win the war against insurgency and ensure that it doesn’t extend into other regions.

“Insurgency is on the front burner which is correct. Apart from that we have other security issues, internal security problems, lives and properties have to be protected. The objective of it all is to over throw the central government. Therefore, the onus is on us to perform our responsibility as it is enshrined in the constitution,” Tamuno Dibi, General Officer for the Commanding 81 Division of Lagos State told CNBC Africa.

Dibi stated that Lagos state is putting measures in place to make sure the insurgency does not get into the region. The terrorists make use of different attacks on people’s lives and properties to weaken the government and take over.


“Terrorism comes in various facets such as bombings, attacking physical infrastructure, destruction of life, intimidation which all try to create fear and terror in the minds of people. It is asymmetric, the object of it all is to overthrow the central government which means it could come from anywhere, and it may not necessarily be the north-east,” he said.

Dibi added that the effects of what is happening in the northern part of the country could trickle into other states. “We will not give them any chance one bit to operate in Lagos. We will make sure it is untenable for terrorism or insurgence to operate in Lagos.”

“Presently we have two to three operations which are ongoing. We have Operation Mensa that has to do with internal security operations which ensures that the lives of people and properties are being secured. We equally have the Quick Response Group, they are in charge of the highways, exits and entrances within our area.  We ensure that these groups react spontaneously in event of any threat to security in our area.”