World Bank to help Ebola-stricken families cope with economic burden


The bank said the assistance will go towards helping families and communities cope with the economic impact of the crisis, and rebuild and strengthen essential public health systems in the three worst-affected countries to guard against future disease outbreaks.

The new project will also improve access to food and other basic supplies for Ebola-affected households in the quarantined areas and other “hot zones” in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. 

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The WBG’s new Ebola Emergency Response project will mobilise 52 million US dollars for Liberia, 28 million US dollars for Sierra Leone and 25 million US dollars for Guinea.

The allocations were calculated according to the World Health Organisation’s Roadmap and assessments of the relative severity of the epidemic in each country.

The World Bank said Ebola-related restrictions on people’s movements was leading to food crises in the quarantined and most affected areas where the three countries intersect.

“In the Mano River region, food insecurity is spreading rapidly. More than one million people in the region are facing a food crisis in the coming months. Furthermore, as the crisis continues to evolve, this threat may spread to other areas due to quarantine or other disruptions in movement of goods and people,” said the bank in a statement.

Makhtar Diop, the World Bank’s Vice President for Africa said the finance will also go towards hazard/indemnity pay to health personnel, in-country medical care to exposed health workers and death benefits to families of exposed health workers.

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The new grant is part of the 200 US dollars million Ebola emergency mobilisation first announced by the WBG in early August.