Technological solutions for traffic in Lagos


The application gives people an update on the situation of traffic in different locations in the state. With live pictures and videos of traffic situations around Lagos bus stops. People can view what is happening and look for alternative routes via the company’s cameras stationed around the city.

“Business wise it is just starting. Our business focus is to provide a valuable solution to numerous people-millions of Lagosians, that we can replicate it all over the country once we hit the success rate which we are hitting right now in Lagos. The number keeps climbing up. We can then commercialise the advertising aspect of it because that is where the buck of the revenue will come from,” Dele Odufuye the CEO at Tsaboin told CNBC Africa.

People sometimes spend about three to four hours in traffic within the state which in a way affects the economy of the state. He said that lots of people are becoming aware of the service they are providing and making use of it.


“On a daily basis we have roughly between 6,000 and 10,000 people, it always fluctuates within that. We have active unique users that come in daily to view cameras and get traffic updates. On the app we have over 250,000 downloads.”

“We get feedback. We have built a system where people can communicate with us via Facebook, blackberry, twitter and emails,” said Odufuye.

Furthermore, Odufuye said that their system is automated so users can share the traffic experience. Also they have developers and programmers working day in and out making sure the cameras and applications are working.

“The Lagos state government are very interested in what we are doing. We have gotten invitations from the Lagos state commissioner for transportation. We have had the opportunity of meeting with the commissioner for science and technology and Lagos television traffic radio. They love what we are doing and are giving us their best support.”