Is exhibition advertising Nigeria’s next big thing?


Exhibition advertising combines industries such as beauty, agriculture or medical and advertising to help companies display themselves and show products and services to audiences. The idea is to target a large number or people in a short space of time.

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Bryan Pearson, exhibition director at Afrocet Nigeria, says one of the things holding the country back when it comes to hosting international conferences and exhibitions is poor logistics and infrastructure.


“You’ve got to have a lot of different multi-track conference rooms and you’ve got to have enough hotel rooms in the locality. When you go into the other big cities of the world they’ve got these bespoke purpose build centres that really lend themselves to the pitches,” he said.

Pearson says that while South Africa used to be the attractive entry point for many conferences many people are now looking to broaden their horizons.

“They’re looking where else they can go and Lagos, with the population and professional expertise, should be able to mop up a lot of the conferences. This will really stimulate the whole sector of the catering of hotels and transport.”

Pearson adds that moving forward Nigeria needs to focus on putting on shows that also meet international standards and look beyond just having attractive websites.

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He adds that the answer to advancing Nigerian events could lie in regulating organisers so that people with the right calibre and skills are able to deliver and execute world class standards. This could help stimulate growth.