How effective is social media in providing citizenship engagement?


Nigeria is currently hosting an international conference called, Social Media Week which is being attended by about 70,000 people.

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Social Media Week is an international event that happens in different cities every year having started in Lagos three years ago.


Obi Asika, social media special assistant to the President of Nigeria said, social media platforms were widely used by governments to communicate with citizens.

“We are going to be working on establishing policies, training public sector agencies and putting in place guidelines about how to engage with general citizenry,” Obi Asika added.

“The most important thing for social media is to provide citizenship engagement for the general public so they can engage with their government on services offered.”

He added that it was important for policy makers such as ministers to connect with citizens as this made governance more accessible and helped in raising levels of trust.

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Nigeria’s Ministry of Science & Technology has been leading initiatives meant to help improve the country’s levels of technological appreciation such as setting up hubs.

“In future, due to tech hubs that have been created, we will be having more freelance jobs as authors and other professionals will have easy access to technological facilities,” added Asika.