Nigeria headed for a close election, calls for improved security


All eyes are on Nigeria’s Presidential election which is tipped to result in a stalemate which calls for improved security.

Adunola Abiola founder of Think Security Africa warned that Nigeria was at one of the country’s historical moments.

“Nigeria is clearly at one of the most critical junctures in its history – these elections mean everything, but in reality more death and more destruction is a choice. There are people with the power to take Nigeria down a more peaceful road,” said Abiola.


Think Security Africa’s latest report provides an in-depth insight into the candidates, the politics, stakes and likely outcome of Nigeria’s 2015 elections.

The full version of the report provides a detailed assessment of the stakes involved in these elections. Nigeria has six main stability challenges to overcome, many of which have broader humanitarian, regional and international implications.

“This makes the conduct and outcome of these elections a vital security concern for a range of stakeholders,” read Think Security Africa statement. 

“Its main conclusion is that a free and fair poll will likely result in a stalemate, this would in fact be the most dangerous outcome, as it would take Nigeria into unchartered waters, at a time that Nigeria most needs focused and effective leadership.” 

The report uses graphs, charts, maps and statistical data to deepen understanding of the issues, factors, and challenges that will drive electoral outcomes, whilst simultaneously drawing lessons from Nigeria’s 2011 post-election violence.

The entire project comprises of three components: a short film, presentation and report.

The short film showcases the social and political tensions in Nigeria that have been building up since 2011, and draws on Nigeria’s most famous political crisis – June 12th, and the response of Chief Moshood Abiola, to remind all concerned stakeholders that disaster is not a foregone conclusion for Nigeria.