Buhari still enjoying a slight lead, Jonathan expected to close the gap


Nigeria’s main opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari is enjoying a slight lead, this is according to the latest results from the Independent Electoral Commission of Nigeria.

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About 18 of the 36 Federal states have declared results with Buhari netting 8.5 million of the declared votes while President Goodluck Jonathan is tailing with 6.5 million votes.


Jonathan is expected to cover lost ground once results from the Southern part of the country start trickling in. He is believed to enjoy more support from that region.

Most of the results counted so far are from the Northern states where Buhari enjoys much support.

The Nigerian elections have largely received endorsements from bodies such as the United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS and countries such as the US and UK.

Some countries have however warned that though peaceful, election results were still prone to political nanipulation at the collation centre. 

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The winner in the country’s highly contested election is expected to be announced later today.