Creating Nigeria's next women leaders

by By Trust Matsilele 0

Nigerian women are set to be at the helm of the country’s economic and political life in the near future, thanks to the work being done by Women of Divine Destiny Initiative.

Currently it believes there is a lack of women in these positions because of failed leadership.

Founder of Women of Divine Destiny Initiative, Nkechi Okorocha told CNBC Africa: “The problem with Nigeria and Africa as a whole is leadership and that’s why we have initiatives to groom women for leadership positions.

“The importance of participation of women in economic life of a country cannot be over emphasised because the position women play not only in the country but in the family.”

Okorocha added that improved opportunities for women led to better communities and countries.

“I believe women should be given opportunities to be empowered in every way so they can add value to their own families and society at large,” she added.

“Some of the opportunities will be in skilling them in various areas so they become active citizens who can help themselves.”

Okorocha said her organisation was leading initiatives meant to prepare young women for future leadership positions.

“We have girl child summits where we help develop young women for leadership positions for the future,” she said.

“In Imo State we try to bring the government down to their doorsteps and rural women and the community to interact.”

Okorocha said if women can dream big and think big whatever they dream can come to fruition.

She however lamented segregation of women when it comes to land which can be a useful asset especially in the agriculture economy.

“The only land available to women in Imo state is in most cases family land. In our culture women do not have land,” she said.