Assessing Nigeria President Buhari’s first hundred days in office with Femi Adesina


Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari’s first hundred days in office has been an operation to clean up the country, says Femi Adesina who is the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the president.

On the contentious issue of Buhari’s prolonged delay in appointing his cabinet, Adesina reckons, “It’s better to delay and get things right rather than rush and get things wrong.”

Adesina highlighted that this present government came in to power on the “winds of change” and so if it rushed on setting up the cabinet, “the rot in the foundation would remain and no enduring structure can be built”.


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Adesina justified Buhari’s position saying that right now the Nigerian president is more invested in “cleaning”. When that cleaning is done, the cabinet will come.

“The president himself promised that in September, he will unfold his cabinet,” he said. When this new cabinet is unveiled, Adesina said Nigeria will have “an economic team”.

With speculations that these appointments will be shocking, controversial and North lopsided appointments,  Adesina responded that, “The constitution is clear on that, that each state must produce a minister each.”

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He further said on lopsided appointments, “There are three kinds of people holding office now, those in the national assembly came in by election… the second kind of people are those who hold statutory appointments, you find the chief justice and the next person who is fit and capable comes from the same zone… Thirdly, the personal aid as the president has the prerogative to appoint anyone to be his personal aid.”