Nigeria’s cabinet list names to be revealed Tuesday


Nigeria’s President Muhammad Buhari has submitted the first list of cabinet names to the Senate for approval with the names expected to be released next Tuesday.

The Nigerian President had scheduled September 30th, as his deadline of announcing his cabinet. However, the day saw President Buhari only making one appointment of affirming himself as the Minister of Petroleum Resources.

In his Independence Day speech, President Buhari cited that disclosing the cabinet list prematurely would have been haphazard without finalising the number of ministries in his government.


Kayode Akindele, Partner at TIA Capital, shared his thoughts with CNBC Africa:“In general there will be a lot of changes in the structure of government in the ministries which the president made clear in his broadcast.”

Akindele said even in the names that have leaked there have been no portfolios attached to those names. “It will be interesting when those names are released to find out who those people officially are, by constitution there needs to be about 15 to 16 more names.”

On the note of Buhari appointing himself to head up the oil ministry, Akindele said the petroleum industry is critical to the Nigerian economy. “The allegations wrapped around in that area have been quite grave.”

Given the amount of power that the Minister of Petroleum has, under the Petroleum Act, it is not surprising that at least for the short term he’s going to retain that portfolio until he finishes the reforms he wants to do in that area.”

However, on the other side of that coin, Akindele explained that if President Buhari had taken the decision to appoint someone else in that ministry it would have displayed that he holds confidence in the people around him. “You start building institutions rather than personalities around certain portfolios, which has been a key hindrance in Nigeria’s growth.”

In his speech, President Buhari gave an assessment of himself, detailing his efforts to scatter the Boko Haram, improving the supply of petrol and kerosene and a complete audit of certain government agencies.

Akindele said the President’s speech showed a lot of background work.