Nigerians express "frustration" at proposed electricity tariff increase


Nigeria’s Minister of Power Works and Housing Babatunde Fashola, has appealed to consumers to accommodate the planned increase in electricity tariffs, describing it as key to reliable electricity supply in the country.

CNBC Africa’s Nkechi Ogbonna roamed the streets to find out what and how this affects them, this is what the locals had to say:

–          “I don’t think it’s the right thing to do now because we don’t actually have stable light now, so I think the government should first of all settle the stable light before thinking of increasing the bill.”


–          “Basically people are not able to afford the NEPA (Nigeria Electric Power Authority) bills that they pay to them now, including the NEPA tariff would actually cause maybe protests – are we even sure that if they actually increase this NEPA tariff, would it give us constant lights?”

–          “We hardly have lights now, if they increase it – I don’t think people will pay.”

–          “If there is going to be an increase on the tariff, the lights should be more stable and accessible to everybody and they should make the tariff a flexible payment mode not forcefully”

–          “The increment will cause a lot of uproar because, by this time of the year people are not really getting the lights – in my place for example, I use the prepaid meter and I have been paying and I have not been seeing the light and that fixed charge is always there – I am better off, I pay for what I use but people that are using the analogue meter are really suffering, there are not lights and at the same time they are paying.”

–          “Now that they want to increase the tariff it will be a lot of problem for people because they have to justify the reason why they are doing the increment, some have paid for the meter and they didn’t get it so people are really frustrated.

–          “It’s quite unfair on Nigerians for the government to increase the price of NEPA again; we are not enjoying NEPA, not at all, not in any way, we not enjoying lights.”

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives have called on the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Company to suspend its plans on the proposed new tariff.