Africa needs funding for its innovators – Social Media Week Lagos co-founder


Annually over 7,000 people participate in Social Media Week Lagos and this year will be no different as they participate for the fourth year on Monday in the West African country.

SMW Lagos is said to be the largest, tech, new media and business conference in Africa and this year the local theme is, The Networked African: Technology’s Impact on Africa and how social media is impacting Africa and how to make good use of it.

“The idea of the local theme was this thing about the invisible hand and looking at social media and how it’s been around for so long so it’s something you don’t necessarily pay attention to in a certain way but we are all connected and this “invisible hand” is making things happen,” said Ngozi Odita, Co-Founder, Social Media Week Lagos.


“What happens in Nigeria and also across the continent is we really look at solving problems, I think in the States and in Europe, people are just developing products, a rush to create. I think here we look at where are the gaps – What things do we need to solve?”

Odita believes a lot of young people have great ideas and that they are learning, what needs to happen now is more investment.

“We need more African investors,” she says there isn’t a direct enough route for people with great ideas and don’t know what the next step is.

“I think the more that that nurturing happens for these young innovators, then you will see the industry growing,” said Odita.

In 2015, Social Media Week brought together thousands of leaders in over 15 cities around the world, from London to Lagos to discuss the changing landscape of business, and technology around the world.