Using the arts to promote the African continent


Designed to promote and preserve Africa’s rich music culture, AFRIMA, in partnership with the African Union (AU) Commission highlighted the power of music and the arts as a tool to stimulate unity in Africa.



Mike Dada, President of AFRIMA told CNBC Africa that it was established to use art, culture, music and entertainment to connect the people of Africa, create a prosperous Africa and add to the GDP of the continent, here is more on the plans for the organisation.

“African Union Commission is using AFRIMA as a platform to achieve its own objectives, which of course ensure a stronger, united, peaceful and prosperous Africa.”  – Dada

The plan has been on for the past six years, it took years of meetings across the continent before they agreed in 2013 where they decided Nigeria would be the first to the three-year term.

AFRIMA is a 4.4 million dollar project, not just a one-day event, which Dada reiterated requires a lot of money, and the funding has been coming from members in the international committee.

“Many people now believe in the project, they have seen that it is a property they can associate with.” – Dada

“We are using the tool of music; about 54 artists are coming together across the continent to do a song to raise funds for the AU to make an impact on the continent.” – Dada

“One of the key elements that contributed to making Nigeria the biggest economy in Africa was the entertainment industry and you will agree with me that this entertainment industry has the potential to provide jobs for the youth.” – Dada

“We feel that united we are stronger, we will be capable of doing a lot of things that there will be mutual understanding and harmony – whenever you have mutual understanding, harmony and peace, business will thrive.” – Dada