Boosting Nigeria's hospitality industry


Nigeria is a 1.8 billion dollar hospitality market but eighty per cent of that comes from local reservations, thirteen per cent is international and six per cent comes from tourism, says Femi Akinde, CEO of Slimtrader.

As a way to mitigate this issue, Slimtrader will help make Nigerian hotels more visible on the largest hotel booking sites in the world, boosting the country’s hospitality sector -read below for more on what the innovator had to say.

  • “To start you have to understand how many hotels are in Nigeria and how many there are online – Online you have less than 300, there is 7 000 hotels in Nigeria, so that leaves you 6 700 that are not visible.”
  •  “There’s a gap and we are bridging that gap between the 6 700 that are left and making them visible – once you have that then you have a true picture of the hotels that are in Nigeria.”

  • “The goal is to make everything available, what you have seen are possibly the one per cent of hotels that are affiliated internationally.”
  • “The hotel has one option, go around talking to each one of the sites or come to us and have access to all of them.”

Akinde also had an announcement to share with CNBC Africa about the launch of the hotel PC-POS platform.

  • “With our solution, you are now tying the card terminal to the reservations and stuff – networking the card terminals with our reservation platform.”