Africa needs to invest in its youth for improved future leadership

by Trust Matsilele 0

Africa needs to invest in its young population if the region is to get better future leaders; this is according to Biola Alabi, Founder of the Grooming for Greatness and Purpose Foundation.

Alabi said there was talk of bad leadership whenever Africa is mentioned in conversations and said necessary investment would only remedy this challenge.

“There is no need to complain about leadership in Africa and continue doing anything about the next generation,” said Alabi.

“It is important to give the new generation of African leaders the practical, applicable skills that can transform the continent.”

Alabi’s foundation’s year-long flagship programme aims to cultivate leadership skills in young aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs.

“We don’t want people to have theoretical knowledge while lacking practical knowledge. We want people to engage with leaders whose value systems have been tested and how they have overcome,” she said.

Alabi added there was need to groom future leaders with high ethical standards.

“For me it is about ethics and values in Africa so we are bringing leaders that we love and admire to inspire future leaders,” she added.