COMMENT: COVID-19 – Yes, there is disruption, but also, opportunity

I heard President Cyril Ramaphosa comment that he is currently spending 18 to 20 hours a day in meetings. None of us are in quite the same position as the President, but we face great challenges with our time and mental resources. When work and home are one and the same, it’s easy to blur or forget the boundaries.

COMMENT: What will be the new Africa post COVID-19?

There are more than 600 Tech Innovation hubs across Africa. Africa’s digital revolution will emerge from them, especially in the sectors of e-commerce, distance learning for schools and universities to train better educated populations, and big opportunities in renewables and energy infrastructure to start plugging the continent’s electricity deficit.

The Day After COVID-19: Overcoming the Novel Coronavirus double jeopardy in Central Africa

Amidst the suffering and the havoc caused by COVID-19, we witnessed the best of mankind. Former enemies forgot old quarrels and came together for the common good, some sanctions were waived for humanitarian reasons and fighting stopped temporarily.

Electronic banking fraud in Nigeria: how it’s done, and what can be done to stop it

A warning sign advising users to be aware of their surroundings while playing a video game. Stefan Heunis/AFP via Getty Images Six years ago, a cashless...

The entrepreneur who feels Nigeria has left small business to navigate COVID-19 alone.

“Small businesses, like mine, a group that makes up over 80 percent of the labour force of my country, have been left alone to navigate these shaky waters,”

How we can make money after COVID-19

How can an employee source, pay and get delivery without having to spend time searching the internet for suppliers that are operating and have stock? Hey Jude, for example, is the world’s first human-powered digital assistant for busy people and gets things done quicker and smarter than they can do so themselves.

OPINION: If Eskom is oxygen let us breathe.

The government can fix the Eskom problems and they don’t need to sell any division of Eskom to operate well, the president needs to restructure the energy facility as his main priority moving forward, to position South Africa as a manufacturing hub for the continent, that wìll prepare for upstream industrial production and reduce unnecessary imports to the continent.

OPINION: How the death of George Floyd should make South Africa ask: where is the next Nelson Mandela?

Who is today’s Rev. Martin Luther King? Who is our Nelson Mandela, our Abraham Lincoln?....I cannot say who the leaders history remembers and writes of will be, but I can say with absolute certainty that everyone can inspire others with their forgiveness,kindness, and authentic desire to connect.

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