Tanzania – Will Magufuli bulldoze his way through the elections?

The media nicknamed him ‘Bulldozer’, or ‘Tingatina’ in Swahili, initially because of his directives as the minister of public works, but the name has stuck due to his aggressive ways as president.

Opinion: Open Letter to President Buhari of Nigeria

President Buhari, this is an urgent call from those who gave you this mandate: tell the armed forces to stand down and stop shooting at or killing unarmed Nigerians. Undeniably, the lives of young Nigerians are being shed in hopes of a better Nigeria, which you chose to serve.

DÉJÀ VU – In tragic vein: Wole Soyinka on Nigeria’s unrest

The mood, and climate of protest changed abruptly, and devastatingly with that diabolical intrusion. For the first time, anger and nihilism entered the lists, moving to dominate emotions.

Recovery in tourism ? Think digital

Tourism Trends in 2020 outlines digitalisation and sustainability to drive the industry post Covid-19.South African tourism recovery is dependent on funding for small medium enterprise and transformation.

COMMENT: The latest in the land story in Zimbabwe is a victory for compromise – so says the finance minister.

By Mthuli Ncube In 2000, Zimbabwe embarked on an historic Land Reform Programme; the resettling of black families on...

OPINION: Desperate times call for desperate measures to save our economies

History is a witness (as Google can validate) that the majority of causes come from lending to large corporates, poor governance and through fraud. Secondly, even in crisis, as central banks reduce interbank rates, commercial banks seldom pass this on to the SME sector; beneficiaries are once again people who can afford the higher interest rates.

OPINION:There is no reversal of Zimbabwe’s land reform program

The farmers that fall under section 295 (3) will be compensated only for improvements on their farms in accordance with the Global Compensation Deed recently signed by the government and former white farmers. These former white farmers owned more than 98 percent of the land expropriated by the government during the land reform program. They have no option of getting back that land. It is worth noting that the number of farms covered by BIPPAs and BITs are fewer than 37.

OPINION: Growing Gauteng Together plan remodelled as part of reconstruction and recovery of the economy Post-COVID-19.

The development of plan was scientific. It was guided by the Indlulamithi Scenarios 2030, specifically, the Nayi Le Walk scenario, which identities social and economic drivers that can significantly improve the lives of citizens with pro-poor income distribution, inclusive growth, and meaningful social cohesion.

OPINION: Reform in Nigeria can help health entrepreneurs

President Muhammad Buhari signed the Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020 into law on August 7, 2020. The law replaced the...

OPINION: Post Covid-19: Is this an opportunity to “reset” African economies?

It is programmes such as the Citizens Entrepreneur Development Programme launched by the Economics Association of Zambia which exemplify the type of initiative that will be needed across Africa in the post-Covid world.

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