Malawi’s Chakwera pledges graft clampdown in subdued inauguration amid virus

“Before we can begin to rebuild, we must clear the rubble of corruption, for it has left our taxes in ruins; we must clear the rubble of donor dependency, for it has left our dignity in ruins,” he added.

Malawi’s election cheer dampened by coronavirus surge

“We’re in a worse situation today than we were three months ago. Coronavirus is spreading everywhere in Malawi and it’s spreading to kill,” he said in a televised address.

June 16 1976: The man behind the high school that made history: who was Morris Isaacson?

It was a bitter chapter in a long history of Morris Isaacson that dates back to 1896. That was the year the man himself landed in South Africa. Isaacson arrived from Lithuania, the Baltic state that yielded the majority of Jewish immigrants to South Africa. He made a name for himself in his adopted country as a trade unionist, businessman and philanthropist.

COMMENT: Youth Day 2020 – The link between the Young Turks of Soweto and George Floyd.

"Years later he told, with horror, how he saw police tossing the dead bodies of schoolchildren in a pile in the aftermath of the shooting that claimed at least 176 lives. Rarely was more blood spilt and innocence lost in Africa in a single clash with authority."

Why 95-year-old struggle stalwart Andrew Mlangeni was “happy and proud” about a life sentence.

“We felt happy and proud that although the propaganda outside from the government that we were murderers, terrorists and rapists, people now knew we were none of these things and people knew what we were fighting for. That feeling that they know we are not thieves, that we are fighting for freedom, that is what kept us going."

Op-Ed: Zimbabwean opposition activists charged following their own abduction

On Tuesday, May 26, authorities in Zimbabwe charged three activists from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance (MDC-A) with breaching the country’s lockdown regulations, nearly two weeks after they were allegedly abducted and brutalised after being taken into police custody.

Comment :Zimbabwe at 40 subdued and disappointed

“Zimbabwe at 40?” says he,” It is like you have gone to school, grown up, got married, had children and then you wake up at 40 to find you are undernourished.”

FULL ADDRESS: Ramaphosa announces nationwide lockdown from Thursday midnight

President Cyril Ramaphosa has implemented a nationwide lockdown from midnight, Thursday 26 March. The lockdown will last for 21 days.

Op-Ed: Malawi – Intransigent Mutharika raises the temperature

After Parliament approved some changes to electoral legislation in line with the Court’s directive that presidential elections should henceforth be won by absolute majority rather than relative majority, Mr Mutharika used his veto power on Tuesday, March 17, and refused to ratify Parliament’s changes.

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